Attendance at TICADⅥ

Our Director, Prof. OKUMURA, our Study Abroad Coordinators, Mr. NAKAMURA and Dr. NARISAWA attended the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICADⅥ), which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 27th and 28th August. Over 11,000 people participated in TICADⅥ, including the representatives of 53 African countries as well as international and regional organizations, the private sector, and NGOs. From Hokkaido University (Hokudai), adding to our director and study abroad coordinators, the President of Hokudai, Prof. Keizo YAMAGUCHI and the Director of Research Center for Zoonosis Control (CZC) of Hokudai, Prof. Yasuhiko SUZUKI also attended.


We made a poster which showed the activities of Hokudai in Africa and introduced our activities including ‘Study-in-Japan Coordinator Project’ to attendees of TICADⅥ. Prof. Takahiro MORIO from University of Tsukuba in Japan also presented the activities of his university and Japan-Africa Academic Network (JAAN). During the session of TICADⅥ, Prof. YAMAGUCHI made statements and presented the activities of Hokudai including the studies of infectious disease and the training of young African researchers as Zoonosis Control Experts at CZC.


In next TICAD what shall we show? Our effort in Africa will be continued…


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