Alumni network helps you to stay in touch with Hokkaido University (Hokudai), your colleague and others, and to get a good idea for your next step (ex; collaborative research). Even it supports your junior who wants to study Hokudai.


Our Global Relations Office launched “Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System” April 2016 (cf: Alumni News at Website of Hokudai).This system defines the criteria for appointment of Hokkaido University Ambassadors and Partners. The important role of Ambassadors and Partners is to support Hokudai by working with Hokudai to strengthen Hokudai’s ties with its alumni associations (cf: Hokkaido University Ambassador and Partner System Guideline).


In Zambia, we are planning to implement this system in collaboration with the Zambian alumni (cf: Blog). If you have any questions or interest, please contact us.


The website below will also be helpful to keep in touch with Hokudai.


Frontier (in Japanese)



Let's build Africa-Hokudai alumni network!