Handover of Japanese Teaching Materials Ceremony

The Handover of New Japanese Teaching Materials Ceremony was held by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Zambia (UNZA) in the Department of Literature and Languages Seminar Room. Since we support the management of Japanese Class, we participated in this ceremony. UNZA received the new textbooks of about 1310 US dollars (total 51 books) through the Grant Program for Japanese-Language Education Activities by Japan Foundation.


It was attended by the Vice Chancellor of UNZA, Prof. Luke Evuta MUMBA, Dean of School of Humanities & Sciences, Dr. Felix MASIYE, and Ambassador of Japan in Zambia, His Excellency Mr. Toshinobu SOBASHIMA. It started after the observation of Japanese Class Level 1, which has just commenced today. So this function was also attended by Dr. Sande NGALANDE, a lecturer, and Dr. Kelvin MAMBWE, Head of Department of Literature and Languages, and 9 students of the new Japanese Class.


We displayed the new teaching materials and celebrated the moment when UNZA received them for the improvement of Japanese Class. Japanese Ambassador, H.E. Mr. SOBASHIMA gave us a wonderful and encouraging speech, which appreciated Hokkaido University’s contributions to UNZA and also requested UNZA to adopt Japanese as one of optional foreign languages to be learned.


We hope to keep ‘the Win-Win Collaboration between Japan and Zambia (quoted by the VC of UNZA, Prof. MUMBA’s remarks at this ceremony)’ through our activities.


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