UNZA Japanese Course 2017 Cultural Day

University of Zambia [UNZA] Japanese Course 2017 for the term Nov. 2016-Feb. 2017 has ended today. The majority of the students passed their end of term examination and received certificates from Dr. Hambaba Jimaima, Head of Department of Literature and Languages, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, UNZA, who also gave remarks and encouragement to the students. All of students including some former students as well as Dr. Jimaima, fully enjoyed the event Cultural Day which followed the certificate presentation at UNZA.


In the programme, Ms. Riho Ikeda, Exchange Student from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies had presentation about Japanese art of archery, and Mr. Seth Sibanda, a Karate Instructor, The Zambia Martial Arts Federation [ZAMAF], who was also one of Japanese Course students, showed Karate performance. In addition they participated in activities on Paper Arts (Origami), Traditional Clothes (Yukata), Chopsticks (Ohashi), and Food Culture (Temakizushi). 


This event was supported by many people from Japan, who are good friends to one of lecturers, Ms. Keiko Nakai. We appreciate their support so much and wish the passion and motivation by students for learning Japanese language grows more and more through this event.


Cf: Facebook for Japanese Class UNZA

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