Application for the Japanese Government Scholarship is Now Open

We are, hereby, glad to announce that the application for the Japanese Government Scholarship is now open. This scholarship is called the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology: Monbukagakusho) Scholarship. The information about the MEXT scholarship is provided at the Embassy of Japan in your countries. Please check your country’s Japanese embassy’s website, carefully read the guidelines and apply!! We look forward to your successful application.


The MEXT Scholarship info. of Embassy of Japan in Sub-Saharan Africa

()・・・Deadline for submission

Zambia(23rd June, 2017 (Fri) )


Tanzania(26th May, 2017 (Fri))      Kenya(23rd May, 2017 (Tue))

Rwanda(31st May, 2017 (Wed))     Uganda(5th June, 2017 (Mon))


Namibia(19th May, 2017 (Fri))       South Africa(9th June, 2017 (Fri) )

Ghana(26th May, 2017 (Fri))          Liberia(19th May, 2017 (Fri) )

Sierra Leone(19th May, 2017 (Fri) )


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