Botswana Consumer Fair 2017

The Botswana Consumer Fair 2017, organized by Fairground Holdings, was held in Gaborone, Botswana, during 21st-27th August 2017. We, the Study Abroad coordinators from Hokkaido University Africa Office in Lusaka, participated at this event on 26th and 27th August where we promoted the Study-in-Japan program. Among the participants at this event, those who visited our booth were more than 200 people who included university and high school students as well as parents and working adults.

At our booth a lecturer from University of Botswana and a researcher from Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation, who had studied in Japan, supported our promotion activities. They explained how transparent it is to get opportunities for studying in Japan and narrated their wonderful and fruitful experiences that enabled them to get the required knowledge and skills for contribution to the social economic development of Botswana. This information attracted many attendants to come and listen at our booth. We are grateful to their assistance and collaboration.

We also appreciate all the support from the Embassy of Japan in Botswana, which assisted our activities in Botswana. We will make use of information and network which we received in Botswana to improve the promotion of the Study-in-Japan program.