UNZA Japanese Language Credit Course Has Started

Finally, the Japanese Language Credit Course, entitled “Introductory Japanese Grammar” has started at the University of Zambia (UNZA). This course is an elective course for a whole year with classes being held for one hour on each day from Monday to Thursday. Although the closure of UNZA due to the cholera break disturbed the syllabus since January 2018, we have succeeded in receiving a new teacher trained in professional Japanese language teaching, Mrs. Akemi YASUHARA. She was dispatched by one of the private associations, called ICEA. UNZA has asked her to support the Japanese Language Credit Course. We have also requested her to teach the Japanese Language Short Course that has been running from the beginning as well as to give teaching instructions to UNZA staff at the Department of Literature and Languages, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, where there is a plan to make a Japanese minor course.

On 16th March, we had the first meeting with students for the credit course and from 19th March the course started. Some of the attendants, those who had already taken the Japanese Language Short Course at UNZA, seem to be full of joy to join this credit course. Others, those who have just started to learn Japanese language, also seem to enjoy the new world. The number of students is not so high but we are confident that they are burning with the desire to learn Japanese language.


We are grateful that Mrs. YASUHARA came this way to Zambia and we also thank the Department of Literature and Languages for having made this great effort to have the Japanese Language Credit Course started.