Message from Director

Hokkaido University Africa Office in Lusaka, the first information centre of Japanese University in sub-Saharan Africa

In April 2012, Hokkaido University honorably launched its first overseas office in sub-Saharan region of Africa, which is in the suburb of Lusaka, the capital city of the Republic of Zambia. This office is located at the centre of excellence of knowledge of the nation, the University of Zambia on the basis of a long lasting successful relationship between these two Universities. 

As Hokkaido University expands its activity for constructing the global network, this regional office in Africa disseminates the information of the University activities to higher education institutions in the African countries as its publicity strategy. This aims to provide necessary information and support for African students and researchers who wish to study and work in Hokkaido University, and to encourage to initiate research collaboration with Hokkaido University. 

From FY2014 to FY2023, Hokkaido University Africa Office in Lusaka ran the project to promote more students to study in Japan, under Japanese government. Staff members in this office acted as representatives of Japanese higher education institutions to provide the required information to students in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Norifumi Miyokawa, Ph.D.

Director, Hokkaido University Africa Office in Lusaka

(Professor / Deputy Director, Office for International Collaboration) 

Hokkaido University