Admission is based on each applicant’s potential.

There are three kinds of scholarships.


1. Hokkaido University Scholarship

2. Japanese Government Scholarship

3. Scholarships from Private Organization and Local Government.


1.  Hokkaido University Scholarship

We have two scholarship programs; Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship and Hokkaido University Special Grant Program for the International Students.


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2.  Japanese Government Scholarship

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

There are three methods to secure the MEXT Scholarship; a) domestic selection, b) university recommendation and c) embassy recommendation.


a)  Domestic selection targets self-supported students currently in Japan.

b)  Students coming to Hokkaido University can also apply through our university. Application is made through your prospective advisor. This method is only available to graduate level research students. Undergraduate students are ineligible to apply.

c)  To receive an embassy recommendation, you need to pass a primary screening conducted by the local embassy with cooperation from your country’s government.


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MEXT (Top page);


3.  Scholarships from Private Organization and Local Governments

a) Scholarships applied for through the university

Every year approximately 30 organizations accept applications for scholarships for approximately 120 students.

b) Scholarships applied for individually

Every year approximately 15 organizations accept applications for individual scholarships.


The application period and requirements for each scholarship are different.


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